New piece
for Soprano and Electronics

(title to be announced)

At the request of Frances M. Lynch, Miguel Azguime is composing another work for solo voice and electronics. This new piece, this time for soprano, will have its premiere performance on January 18, 2015, in London.

New piece with Physical Modelling Synthesis

(title to be announced)

In the context of European Art-Science-Technology Network, during this year Miguel Azguime is performing an artistic residency at the ACROE Studio (Association pour la Création et la Recherche sur les Outils d'Expression) of the Institut National Polytechnique in Grenoble. Within this residency Miguel Azguime is writing a new electronic work, which employes physical modeling synthesis as its paradigm. For this purpose the composer uses the computer language, Cordis-Anima / Genesis.

New Projects      
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Tra le terre

New piece by Miguel Azguime for the Italian ensemble Ex Novo.

Commission by Teatro La Fenice for its festival Lo spirito della musica di Venezia and the 2015 Marathon.

The piece’s title Tra le Terre refers to the Mediterranean Sea, not only as a geographical place in itself but also as a place of encounter of different cultures. The premiere will take place on the July 9 2015 at Teatro La Fenice in Venice.


ConCordas for 13 strings by Miguel Azguime is a new string orchestra piece written for the Camerata Alma Mater and its conductor, Pedro Neves. The premiere will take place at the end of 2015 (date and place to be announced). The piece features a continuous transformation of a unique complex sound aggregate morphing itself into several different states. Here the string orchestra functions as a unit, as if an instrument made of 52 strings (13 x 4 strings).

Le Bleu Profond
and Son a ta Demeure

Following the premiere of Son a ta Demeure for clarinet and piano at the end of 2014, Miguel Azguime wrote Le Bleu Profond, another piece for Nuno Pinto (clarinet) and Elsa Silva (piano), yet to be premiered. He has also substantially revised Son a ta Demeure, which is now in its final version.

New projects

Currently Miguel Azguime is composing a new work for violin, cello and piano to be premiered at the beginning of 2016 by the trio: Rosanne Philippens (violin), Luís André Ferreira (cello), Vital Stahievitch (piano).

New orchestra piece to be premiered by the OCP (Orquestra de Câmara Portuguesa; Portuguese Chamber Orchestra) conducted by Pedro Carneiro in the 2015/16 season (more details soon).